The language of passion.The term “music“ comes from Greek and means the art of sound.
It is the art of joining sound vibrations together to audible works. It is the sonorous expression of emotions and thoughts and it creates emotional moods; joy, relaxation, feelings of security and melancholy.

Individual reactions – personal fluctuating mood levels – are the result of "vibrations being carried via acoustic air waves to the ear which then absorbs the waves, making them perceptible"** which in turn allows then to touch the soul.

Evidently closer.With Close2you, you come noticeably closer to taking the gentle path of purposeful stimulation.
Enjoy expressive love toys with minimal, discrete design and first class quality and function, and take them with you on your journey of exploring pleasure.

The expressed aim of our products is intimate togetherness in a harmonious atmosphere- whether you are by yourself, with your new “friend" and his good-sounding name or whether you include your partner in the exciting game –the Close2you compositions convey enjoyment with every act overflowing with ambience,
and they are simply and Evidently closer.

MUSIC: The perfect type of art - She never reveals her last secret**

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